No Parents Allowed: Biden’s DOJ Offers School Programming That Separates Students Into “Homogenous’ Groups

Biden Administration continues their efforts to divide America


A Virginia high school requested programming from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that reportedly separates students in “homogenous” groups and does not allow parents to attend, according to a parent familiar with the matter.

Fairfax High School is slated to host the DOJ’s School-Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together (SPIRIT) program on Monday, May 16, and Tuesday, May 17, according to a Fairfax County parent. The program is run by the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service (CRS), which is available to state and local officials “to help resolve and prevent racial and ethnic conflict, violence and civil disorder.”


Day one of the DOJ’s programming allegedly places students in “separate homogeneous breakout groups” wherein they “have uncomfortable conversations about tensions in the school,” according to an advocacy group that reported on the program at an Alaska high school. In an example listed on the DOJ’s website, student participants in Anchorage were divided into five groups to identify the school’s strengths and areas on concerns, including the alleged “widespread use” of racial and ethnic slurs.

On the second day of School-SPIRIT programming, students meet in “heterogeneous” breakout groups and brainstorm solutions to tensions in the school. The program then introduces the “SPIRIT Student Advisory Team,” which must meet with the school’s principal “at least on a monthly basis,” according to the report.

A Fairfax mother, who requested anonymity for fear of retribution against her child, told the Daily Caller that she feared the Student Advisory Team may go after students who don’t subscribe to the ideology of the student board. She also claimed that the “general parent population” was not notified in written form about the programming.

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