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Peer-Reviewed Study Shows COVID Vaccines Killed 1 In 874 People That Received Shot In 2021

This is in line with many other estimates

(Igor Chudov) A new peer-reviewed study by Mark Skidmore was published in a prestigious journal.

It commissioned a survey that asked people several questions about their Covid and vaccination experience. The survey was conducted during the previous winter, so it is based on 2021 experiences.

It estimated, based on responses provided, that Covid vaccines killed 278,000 Americans:

The authors use a reputable polling company Dynata.


The article demonstrated the authors tried to do a good job and controlled for confounding variables. For example, do political views or vaccination status create a bias in reporting vaccine deaths? It turns out that, indeed, they do:

This discrepancy suggests that the estimates of the total number of vaccine fatalities cannot be very precise, and the authors point that out very honestly.

They attempted to control such confounders:

The authors say: what is the chance that the CDC-reported number of vaccine deaths in VAERS (8,023 at the time the article was written) is the true number, and the much higher number of 278,000 is a product of an accidental statistical error?

They explain that the outcome is 28 standard deviations away, and therefore CDC’s VAERS number is understated. Thus, the CDC’s “null hypothesis” is rejected:

So, out of 243 million who received Covid vaccines by the end of Dec 2021, the study estimates that 278,000 died due to vaccines. This estimate suggests that one out of 874 persons is killed by Covid vaccines.

I know one such person, my friend’s nephew. He received a J&J vaccine around May 20, 2021, and died suddenly shortly thereafter. His death is NOT in VAERS.

Perfectly in Line with Late 2022 Rasmussen Survey

A recent Rasmussen survey shows that 28% of all adults know someone who died due to Covid vaccines.


Any other Estimates?

Steve Kirsch, at the approximate time the above-mentioned study was conducted, posted his own estimate of 388,000 Americans killed by Covid vaccines:

These are very similar estimates!

Fabian Spieker estimates that one out of 1,642 German vaccine dose recipients were killed:

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