Proof Revealed!! Evidence Shows Wuhan Lab Experimented On Monkeypox Virus Before Worldwide Outbreak

Jewish TV Channel


A comprehensive scientific document has come into the hands of Jewish TV Channel that gives compelling evidence that Wuhan scientists recently researched the Monkeypox virus before its current impact as it spreads through the world.

As many countries are breathing easier due to weakening of the Corona Virus, a new threat to the health of the world’s citizens has arrived. Monkeypox is causing world leaders to dread the prospects of facing another round of economic destabilization caused by the endangerment of public health issues. JTVC investigators traced a scientific trail surrounding research into the virus, directly to where the Corona Virus was alleged to have been let loose on an unsuspecting world.



Presented below is the bio of the Director of Wuhan Institute of Virology, who’s name prominently appears of the Monkeypox research article. JTVC reinforces its position that many of the scientists involved in the Monkeypox research have previously undertaken meaningful studies concerning man’s well being. It is the silence after the fact that concerns us.


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