Report: Jill Biden’s Office Is Abusive, Staffers Compare Atmosphere To ‘Devil Wears Prada’

Chip Credit: Somodevilla/Getty Images


Reports surfaced in June surrounding Vice President Kamala Harris’ apparently “abusive” office, catching the eye of the office of President Joe Biden. Now, adding to the rumors of chaos, reports have surfaced about the allegedly abusive nature of first lady Jill Biden’s office.

An advisor to Jill Biden, Anthony Bernal, has been described as the most powerful person in the office of the first lady, who already holds a highly influential elevated role, as outlined in a recent Vogue puff piece.

Bernal is also reportedly somewhat of a tyrant.

“[T]he way he has wielded that power has made Bernal one of the most polarizing people in the White House, according to interviews with more than two dozen White House staffers, former campaign aides, and people who worked with him during the Obama administration,” Politico reported.

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