Revealed!! Documents Show Biden’s Disinformation Board Had ‘Secret Plan’ To Collude With Big Tech In Censoring Conservative Views



Appearing on a recent episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) told the Fox News host that the Biden regime is not being honest about the true intent of its new “disinformation board.”

While initially claiming that it would be used to address misinformation threats from abroad, the regime is actually planning to use it as a Ministry of Truth assault on the American people, Hawley revealed.

Hidden documents obtained by Hawley show that Biden and his cronies are basically planning to erase the First Amendment and zip-up everyone’s mouth who says anything that opposes the regime and its agenda.

“As it turns out, Tucker, the people that the Biden administration thinks are the real threat to America,” Hawley said.

“It’s not the drug cartels. It’s not foreign threats. It’s you. It’s the American people. If you have questions about COVID, if you have questions about COVID masks, if you have questions about the COVID vaccine, this administration wanted you to be monitored. This disinformation board was set up to go after you. That’s what the documents say.”

Biden’s disinformation board aims to stamp out free and fair elections

In addition to censoring the truth about COVID and all other future plandemics, Biden’s disinformation board is also being established to silence anyone who talks about fraudulent elections, including the one that Biden himself stole in 2020.

Discussing election integrity, it turns out, is a no-no subject under the current regime, which is working overtime to ensure that there will never again be a free and fair election in the United States.

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