Revealed!! Documents Show LA Unified School District Pushing Kids To Be Groomed, Indoctrinated Into The LGBTQ Cult

The district has produced an LGBTQ-themed calendar designed as part of their year-round push to indoctrinate children


(LifeSiteNews) The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) provided a “Queer All School Year” calendar to teachers and educators designed to help them push LGBT-themed material to children in every month of the school year, documents obtained by Parents Defending Education, a parental rights group, show.  

The calendar, titled the “Queer All School Year” calendar, gives suggestions for monthly activities that teachers can organize to help promote the LGBT agenda in the classroom. The activities vary based on the month of the school year. According to the calendar, the calendar is the “queer and trans-affirming school calendar.” 


For August, the calendar suggests teachers help form Gender Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) or “Rainbow Clubs” at schools and features a link to a GLSEN resource about “Solidarity Week,” a student-led program designed to “show solidarity” with people who identify as LGBT. GLSEN is an organization that supports teaching gender theory in elementary schools and has supportedproviding children with cross-sex hormones, which are known to cause irreparable harm to children. 

In September, the calendar instructs teachers to “teach LGBT-inclusive curriculum all year.” 

The calendar designates October “LGBT History Month,” and teachers are asked to attend the “Standing with LGBTQ+ Students Conference.” The calendar links to a document that calls for proposals for “standing with LGBTQ+ students, staff, and families.” That document links to another that states that the purpose of the conference would be to focus on “promising practices for affirming Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) in grades K-12.” 

For November and December, teachers are instructed to get “pronoun pins” and “LGBT history posters” from the district’s Diversity and Equity division and to place “LGBTQ-affirming signs” in areas around the classroom and on school grounds. 

The calendar states that an event would be hosted in January called “Jazz and Friends Reading Event” and instructs teachers to read inclusive books in every grade.” The calendar links to an article by the pro-LGBT Human Rights Campaign advocating for adults to read the book I Am Jazz, a book that promotes gender ideology, to children. 

For February, the calendar suggests participation in the “Black Lives Matter in Schools Week of Action” and links to a website called “Black Lives Matter at School.” The website presents 13 guiding principles for teachers, including “fostering a queer-affirming network” and “embracing and making space for our trans siblings to participate and lead.” 

The suggestions for March and April are affirmation of preferred names and pronouns of students. The document for March links to another document that states that “all students have the right to be referred to by their chosen name/pronouns, regardless of their legal or school records, and that “Although only parents/guardians or students 18+ can request changes in the student information data bases, schools must address a student by their affirmed name/gender pronouns.” 


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