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Shocking Video: Liberals Show Their True Colors At Phoenix ‘Planned Parenthood’ Hosted Event

Murder, cannibalism and child indoctrination were all part of the ‘Bans Off Phoenix’ protest

The Post Millennial


Protesters at a Planned Parenthood pro-abortion event carried gross signs about their vaginas and their plans to dehumanize babies — including one sign which talked about eating pre-born babies.

A lady at the protests was photographed with a sign which read: “Fetus = good snack.”

The “Bans Off Phoenix” event was hosted by Planned Parenthood from 5 -7 p.m. on Saturday. As it was held in a public setting, the protest was attended by those with views on both sides of the abortion issue.

Another protester with hairy armpits proudly held a sign while chanting its slogan, “keep your laws out of my p*ssy.”

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