Should Anyone Be Surprised? Bloomberg Film Critic Of ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Is Spokesperson For Pedophilia Group

Gateway Pundit

(Gateway Pundit) “Sound of Freedom,” an anti-child-trafficking film featuring Jim Caviezel, numerous mainstream media outlets have published critical reviews, downplaying the seriousness of child trafficking and framing it as a “QAnon” conspiracy movie.

One recent critique that stands out was published by Bloomberg, written by a freelancer with controversial affiliations.


Noah Berlatsky, the author, has previously been associated with an organization facing criticism for perceived attempts to normalize pedophilia.

Reporter Andy Ngo later pointed out that Noah Berlatsky was the spokesperson for M.A.P. (minor-attracted person) advocacy group, Prostasia.


Noah Berlatsky is the Communications Director of Prostasia, a group that hopes to normalize sexual attraction to children.

Berlatsky’s Twitter bio (Source: Opindia/Twitter)

Here is what Noah has to say about “The Sound of Freedom.” This guy is a pig.

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