Transgender Male With History Of Bullying Brutally Attacks Female Student In Oregon Middle School As Classmates Record Incident

Banished to the boys bathroom as punishment for his ‘crime’?


(BPR) A tragic and horrifying video of a supposed trans student attacking an unsuspecting female classmate is making the rounds and sparking justified anger.

The attack reportedly happened in Oregon and shows middle school kids watching as the victim was unfairly grabbed from behind and then swung around by her hair.


While the stunned girl remained on the ground, the alleged male attacker took the opportunity to land some punches while others recorded the presumably premeditated assault. Besides the person taking the recording shown below, there were several other students seemingly at the ready with their camera phones immediately as the attack began:


**Update! Gaines did some digging and found more video of the assault which further shows just how brutal it was, while the victim appears to say “I’m sorry. I didn’t do anything!” :

Gaines also discovered that this is not first time the trans male has attacked female students. Here he can be seen pushing and pulling girls around like rag dolls:

What will the school do about it? Likely not much given its virtue signaling on transgender issues:

While it’s not known what provoked the latest assault, most X users agreed that there is no justification for a brutal and cowardly attack from behind.

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