Trump Unveils ‘Vital’ Plan To Reverse Economic Damage Done By Biden’s Destructive Agenda

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Donald Trump has laid out a 2.0 vision on how he will make America great again, again, and reverse the last two years of Joe Biden and the Democrat’s disastrous policies that have resulted in soaring inflation and gas prices, high crime, surging illegal immigration, and left the world on the brink of WW3.

In a wide-ranging interview aired Tuesday night on the Just the News TV show on Real America’s Voice, the 45th President of the United States said his plan begins with recapturing GOP control of at least one chamber of Congress in November and creating a bulwark to stop the destructive Biden agenda.

When I watch to see what’s happening, it’s very, very sad. I mean, our country is being destroyed by these people,” Trump said. “The border is a disaster. We no longer respected. They don’t respect our leader at all. They don’t respect Biden at all.

It’s so sad to see what’s happened to our great USA. But we can come back. I think these midterms are vital, just vital,” he said.

We don’t have a free press. We really don’t have free speech anymore. It’s very bad, very dangerous. These elections are going to be absolutely critical for this country,” he added.

Trump said he is growing more confident that Republicans can take back the House in the fall elections, but he considers the GOP’s chances in the Senate tougher under Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

I think the House is in great shape. I think the Senate is hurt badly by Mitch McConnell, very badly. I think he’s terrible. He’s also terrible for our country,” said Trump, blaming the Kentucky Republican for allowing the Biden infrastructure bill to pass Congress with bipartisan support.

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