Honest Question To The Never-Trump Republicans – How Bad Do Things Have To Get?

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(PJ Media) Seriously, people.

Look, Donald Trump wasn’t my first choice for this one, either. I enjoyed his presidency, but like many who had supported him in the past, I’d grown weary of the unforced errors and the drama. True, most of the drama is being visited upon him by the insane Democrats, but it’s drama all the same.


Admittedly, the thought of a Trump 47 Revenge Tour held great appeal for me. I had already become a huge fan of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, though, and really wanted to see him at the top of the presidential ballot this year. Alas, that was not to be. My support immediately shifted to Trump. It was the most no-brainer decision in the history of no-brainer decisions.

Most voters were asserting that the 2016 presidential election was fraught with existential implications. I never believed that.

I’m kind of there now.

Look around at what Joe Biden and his equally unstable cabal of commie handlers have “achieved” in just three years. Our long problematic border with Mexico has erupted into a humanitarian and national security crisis. Already beleaguered American taxpayers are footing the bill to house and feed illegal aliens all over the country. Criminals from all over the world are part of the Biden border parade, including military-aged men from China.

But, hey, Trump is crass or something.

Around the world, the bad guys are feasting on the fact that the president of the United States is a doddering fossil who should be meandering on a beach with a metal detector and a juice box. Vladimir Putin upped his expansionist game as soon as Biden got into office. We’re all aware of the savagery wrought by Hamas. And — as our own VodkaPundit recently wrote — ISIS is back.

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