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Video: Bill Gates Tries To Walk Back All The Death And Misery He Caused During The Pandemic

Gates was too busy trying to make a buck by pushing his dangerous and deadly vaccines

Not The Bee

(Not The Bee) The average person has been saying this since about May 2020:

The guy who used his mega-billions to lobby worldwide for lockdowns, jabs, and mandates is now saying he “didn’t understand that it’s a fairly low fatality rate”???


And people got UNPERSONED for saying it was “like the flu”!!!!

Bro, the rest of us were looking at the CDC, John Hopkins, and NHS mortality data and had firmly concluded by summer 2020 at the latest that most of us under age 75 without health complications were going to be fine.

That’s the whole reason we lobbied against the school shutdowns, mask mandates, travel passports, and the rest of it. We kept trying to tell you wannabe dictators that the actual health data showed an extremely low risk to the people who needed to go to school and work.

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