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Video: Biological Male Dylan Mulvaney Proves He’s Mentally Disturbed Or A Complete Fraud, Claims He’s Interested In Woman But Believes He Can Get Himself Pregnant

While many believe he is just saying outrageous things, others believe the LGBTQ cult has poisoned his own mind


(BPR) In what some claim is proof of master trolling by Dylan Mulvaney, the transgender just did a TikTok video that confusingly reveals he spoke with his dad and told him he was attracted to and wanted to date women, while at the same time asserting that he wanted to have babies.

“So, I recently told my parents that I may be a little bit romantically interested in women. And that was a big shock for them considering the past 10 years of coming out as gay, then queer, then non-binary, then trans. And I think it was just a bit of a shock. So, I tell my dad and he goes, ‘Well, I would love to see you get a woman pregnant,’ and I said, ‘Oh, no, no, no… she would be getting me pregnant,’” Mulvaney said in the video.


The confusing statement was seen by some as proof that Mulvany was broken and mentally unstable and by others that he has been spoofing the whole transgender issue all along, making fools of everyone who fell for it.

Many feel Mulvaney seems to have shifted gender identities to fit whatever the hottest maniacal version of mental instability being pushed by the left currently is. The latest video looks like one more attempt to go viral by saying the most outrageous thing he can come up with.


Whatever Mulvaney is selling, most aren’t buying.

Evidently, Mulvaney doesn’t know when to be ashamed and quit while he’s behind. He’s also still wearing a mask outside despite the pandemic being officially over.

The transgender TikTok star was spotted in Los Angeles on Saturday out and about to pick up his $800 Prada bikini top and a pink dress from a local dry cleaner, according to the Daily Mail. He then went for laser hair removal.

It was a rare public appearance as Mulvaney has kept a low profile since the disastrous Bud Light ad campaign that has now reportedly cost the company approximately $16 billion since April 1.

Mulvaney has piled up a reported $1.5 million fortune for pushing transgenderism, taking on brand ambassador roles for companies such as Charlotte Tilbury, MAC Cosmetics, Ulta, and Kate Spade. He has also done work for Nike and Walmart.


When Mulvaney left the salon, he described speeding off in his car, driving “full on Fast and Furious” through the backroads in Beverly Hills and claiming he “felt like Liam Neeson” trying to outrun photographers.

“Now I think I might be addicted to drag racing, and not the RuPaul kind,” he quipped.

Meanwhile Bud Light is still tanking. Sales were down over 23 percent this last week with a reported $15.7 billion loss in market value, according to JPMorgan beverage analyst Jared Dinges.


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