Video: People Like Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney Are Mentally Ill And In Need Of Psychiatric Help

Gender dysphoria is a mental health condition

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(Not The Bee) The dissonance was palpable. There I was, laying on my bed, watching television with my wife while scrolling through Twitter to check the news. We had stopped flipping channels for a while and settled on the classic psychological thriller Silence of the Lambs.

It wasn’t that long after watching the disturbing scene where the movie’s antagonist, a severely mentally disturbed serial killer known in the film as Buffalo Bill, outs himself as a gender-confused madman who has perhaps snapped after not receiving the psychiatric help and mental counseling he needed, I scrolled right into this bizarre scene on my phone:

From what I gather, after just some brief research, the man in the skirt and suspenders flopping onto the bed like a little child, a mentally disturbed man named Dylan Mulvaney, isn’t the kindest or most genial person in the world, particularly when dealing with people who disagree with his social agenda. That said, he’s no Buffalo Bill.

And maybe this makes me a chump or an easy mark for cultural revolutionaries, but I can’t help it… I feel bad for Dylan Mulvaney. I feel bad for him just like I feel bad for Sam Brinton, the former Biden administration official who lost his job after multiple infractions of stealing women’s suitcases.

Several months ago it was commentator Michael Knowles who contemplated a scenario that of course was considered controversial, but still reverberates in my mind whenever I see another painfully deluded individual being fully exploited for political reasons.

Knowles proposed how much better things would be “if our culture dispelled and discouraged lunatics’ delusions and disordered desires instead of celebrating and encouraging them at every single turn from the cradle to the grave.”

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