Video: New Evidence Emerging That Shows Capitol Police Inciting Jan. 6 Violence

Crowd was mostly peaceful until police started shooting flashbangs into the crowd


New videos emerging online appear to show Capitol Police inciting violence on January 6 by shooting flashbangs into what was then a peaceful crowd. The video shows them tear gassing protestors and beating up Trump supporters.

The seemingly provocative actions by law enforcement, in those moments, appear to have set off the crowd, who in turn shouted expletives and grew more aggressive in reaction to the flashbangs, tear gas, and beatings.

New videos emerging online are appearing to show the Capitol Police incite violence on January 6 by lobbying flash grenades, administering tear gas, and brutally beating protestors. The violence appears to have caused the protestors to react with aggression and anger. This, combined with what appears to be undercover federal actors, posing as Trump supporters, instigating and participating in violence, could possibly explain why the protest crowd became increasingly violent as the day went on.

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