Video: Parent Who Grew Up In Communist China Says Marxism Now Happening In America With ‘Critical Race Theory’

“The Communist regime uses the same ‘critical theory’ to divide people, the only difference is that they use class instead of race.”

Credit: The Post Millennial


The Loudon County, Virginia school system became a battleground last month. But the parents in the area have a different way of fighting back, compared to the NYC schools having billboard protest vans show up in front of their buildings.

It was just yesterday that gym teacher Tanner Cross was reinstated after being suspended over his refusal to use “preferred pronouns.”

But that move had to be fought for. As through the month of May the parents of students took on Loudon’s school board to push back against CRT being taught to children. One of the things that they were pushing back against was the school district’s snitching system where they provided a form for students to report “bias” anonymously.

Something not exactly guaranteed to unify the school community.

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