Video: Seattle Sees Anti-Semitic Violence Take Over At Anti-Israel Rally, City Has Become A Dump For The Leftist Extremists

Far-left protesters, including Antifa, met downtown Seattle at Westlake Park around 1pm, rallying for the destruction of Israel as they burned an Israeli flag while assaulting pro-Israel civilians


Thousands of anti-Israel activists marched through the streets of Seattle on Sunday calling for the destruction of Israel. This capped off a weekend of unrest and political violence in North America that saw anti-Semites march to “commemorate the 73rd year of the Palestinian catastrophe and on-going ethnic cleansing of Palestine.”

Far-left protesters, including Antifa, met in downtown Seattle at Westlake Park at about 1 pm, rallying for Israel to be abolished. They burned an Israeli flag and assaulted pro-Israel civilians.

As the group rallied while spewing anti-Semitic hatred, chants of “Long live the intifada” rang out amongst those in attendance. The intifadas were violent uprisings by Palestinians who carried out terror attacks.

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