Video: The WEF And Pfizer CEO Bourla Have Been Planning To Kill 50% Of Worlds Population By 2023 – The Vaccine And The ‘Plandemic’ Was Their Answer

This dream is becoming reality,” Pfizer’s CEO says of killing off half the world’s population

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(National File) Resurfaced video footage from the World Economic Forum’s gathering at Davos earlier this year reveals that the globalist architects of “Build Back Better” are working with Pfizer on plans to kill off half of the world’s population by 2023.

Video footage from the World Economic Forum’s May 2022 Davos summit shows Nazi heir and WEF founder Klaus Schwab on stage with Albert Bourla, the Chairman and CEO of Big Pharma giant Pfizer, discussing the plans that Bourla and Pfizer hatched in 2019 to cut the world’s population in half within 4 years.


Bourla, who took the helm at Pfizer in 2019, says that his genocidal endgame is part of “a dream that we had together with my leadership team when we started in ’19.”

“The first week we met in January of ’19 in California to set up the goals for the next 5 years. And one of them was, by 2023, we will reduce the number of people in the world by 50%,” Bourla said, to thunderous applause from World Economic Forum’s Davos attendees.

“I think today, this dream is becoming reality.

As readers can deduce, Pfizer and the WEF’s plans to kill off half the world came immediately before the release of COVID-19 and its various “vaccine” and “treatment” options.

COVID jabs, especially those produced by Pfizer, have turned out to be the deadliest “vaccines” in human history.

During his conversation with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, Bourla, who has repeatedly come down with COVID despite supposedly acquiring immunity from Pfizer’s jab, says that the Big Pharma giant is looking at various means to “improve compliance” with vaccine mandates among the world’s population.

One of these methods, Bourla says, is by combining the COVID jab with the flu shot, so that when people go to the pharmacy to get one shot, they leave having actually gotten two.

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