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Video: Ukraine Declares Journalist A ‘Russian Terrorist’ For Reporting The Truth Which Undermines Western Narrative

The U.S. government and mainstream media have manipulated and censored the truth coming out of Ukraine


It is not shocking that German journalist Alina Lipp has been labeled a “terrorist” by the Ukrainian government when U.S. President Joe Biden’s government is doing the same thing to individuals against his narratives.

Last week RAIR Foundation USA translated a video by a young German journalist living in Donetsk, Alina Lipp. After her video on the Donbas region went viral, she was registered on Ukraine’s official Terrorist website as a “Russian terrorist.” Lipp is neither a Russian citizen nor does she have a Russian passport.


Lipp’s pro-Donbas reporting is believed to be why she was classified as a terrorist. She has repeatedly claimed that the Ukrainian military has been attacking Donbas Russians for the past eight years. In Lipp’s viral video, she highlighted that the people living in Donbas want to belong to Russia and have been “thankful that Russia finally did something.” She stressed, “Finally, the people here have been liberated from the terror that they’ve been experiencing for the last eight years” from the Ukrainian government.

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