Whoa!! Conservative News Outlet ‘The Daily Caller’ Uses Fact Checker That’s A Self-Identified Socialist, Frequently Attacks Trump And Posts About ‘Queer Liberation’

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(The National Pulse) A ‘fact check’ reporter employed and aggregated by conservative news sites appears to be an avowed radical leftist. Anna Mock, a reporter for The Daily Caller’s “Check Your Fact” website has posted political support for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) – a self-described socialist – as well as being a proponent of far-left unionization efforts.

Despite the potential for political bias, Mock regularly is the source for fact checks of former President Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, and other conservative leaders. Mock also felt compelled to defend the globalist Atlantic magazine from what was clearly a parody making it appear the outlet believed orcas, an aquatic mammal, were a new white supremacist threat.


A review of Mock’s social media feed on X (formerly Twitter) shows her having retweeted multiple left-wing political accounts including that of Sen. Sanders, anti-Trump Jim Acosta, and the South Carolina branch of the Industrial Workers of the World – a radical labor union that supports “revolutionary industrial unionism”, “queer liberation“, and has ties to socialist and anarchist organizations.

While most of Mock’s fact checks are of clear satire and parodies, the fact that she is employed by a supposedly right-leaning website to “fact check” conservatives is concerning. The Daily Caller has previously employed CNN’s Oliver Darcy, Kaitlin Collins, and Michelle Fields.

A fact check Mock authored in late July, entitled “No, Planned Parenthood Does Not Aid Sex Traffickers” was pulled from the Check Your Fact website – the editor’s note reading: “Check Your Fact is retracting this fact check article about a Live Action claim about Planned Parenthood. After further review, we found this article did not meet editorial standards.”

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