Baltimore Votes To Become A ‘Murder Sanctuary‘ For Women Seeking To Kill Their Unborn Babies

The move highlights the fact that a post-Roe America will become a legal patchwork in which some localities ban abortions while others actively finance and promote it

Baltimore City Council member Zeke Cohen - CBS13 WJZ/YouTube/Screenshot


While some pro-life cities have voted in recent months and years have voted to become “sanctuaries” for the unborn, others are moving in exactly the opposite direction.

On Monday, the Baltimore City Council unanimously approved a resolution to make their city a “sanctuary” for women seeking to kill their unborn children.


The resolution, advanced by council members Zeke Cohen and Phylicia Porter, will establish a fund to bankroll organizations offering abortions and “other women’s health services” to Baltimore women, local news outlet WBFF reported.

According to Cohen and Porter, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, a Democrat, supports the measure.

It’s unclear how large the abortion fund in the city will be. However, Cohen said it will consist of a combination of taxpayer dollars from the city and philanthropic donations, which will be funneled into pro-abortion organizations like The Baltimore Abortion Fund.

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