Due Diligence? These Dumbshits At The City Of Newark Got Duped Into Being A ‘Sister City’ For A Made-Up Nation That Doesn’t Exist

None of these idiots, which include Newark’s Mayor Ras Baraka, did a lick of research or even bother to look at a map

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(Not The Bee) If you have any doubts of where the public-school system has led us, this is the story for you.

Newark, New Jersey, is the largest city in New Jersey, and its “sister-city” was a nation called the United States of Kailasa, at least it was until city officials found out the nation was just a fabrication.


Would these folks make it one round on “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”


                                                     Definitely Not!


Not a single city official had any basic knowledge of world geography or the wherewithal to do an Internet search when signing an agreement to become sister-cities with a nation that does not exist.

In fact Newark Mayor Ras Baraka said that they hoped the cultural bond that Kailasa and Newark were making would be mutually beneficial:

Benefiting the people of Kailasa would prove an impossible task because there are zero citizens.

The United States of Kailasa was fabricated by Indian Swami Nithyananda, a man wanted in India for child abduction, torture, and rape.

The self-proclaimed godman fled the country in 2019 when warrants for his arrest were issued, and he has apparently been hiding in the United States of Kailasa ever since — which is probably just an apartment somewhere.

While the Kailasa website still lists Newark as a sister-city, Newark spokeswoman Susan Garofalo said Newark does not return the sentiment any longer:

As far as Nithyananda goes, he’s actively recruiting citizens for his make-believe nation.

Interested parties can join the nation via QR code.

Warning: It’s a very sketchy site, I wouldn’t recommend visiting.


Also he’s sending out belly-dancer emissaries to members of the United Nations to try to obtain membership for his imaginary state.

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