Liberal Madness: California City Invading Homes, Requires Indoor Masking Regardless Of Vaccination Status

REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni


Santa Cruz, California has enacted a mask mandate that controversially even requires face coverings in private homes, regardless of vaccination status.

The order, which went into effect this week, comes in response to rising Covid-19 cases in the city. The indoor masking requirement covers not only public spaces and businesses, but also private homes. Residents are required to mask up, regardless of vaccination status, if anyone is in the home who does not regularly live there – something that is highly common during the holiday season.

If one is around people from other households, it is recommended they only remove their mask when eating or drinking.

The strict health guidelines have sparked outrage among some, with critics describing the mandates for private homes as government overreach and an attempt to make people “as miserable as possible” at Thanksgiving.

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