Video: Liberal New York Bail Laws Allow ‘Professional’ Thief With 96 Arrests To Keep On Stealing – ‘I’m A Professional Booster’

Democrats are ruining cities with bail reform laws that have embolden criminals



A self-described “professional booster” with 96 arrests on her record was nabbed again this week for allegedly stealing from an Upper East Side Target — and then released at her arraignment on Thursday.

Michelle Mckelley, 42, allegedly boasted about her “hustle” at the store on Third Avenue near East 70th Street, telling cops, “I haven’t got caught in a long time,” after her latest bust Wednesday, prosecutors said in Manhattan Criminal Court.

“I’m a professional booster. Y’all are stopping my hustle,” the serial shoplifter allegedly told officers.

Speaking to The Post after her hearing, Mckelley unabashedly described how she “professionally obscures” items — including the red shirt she wore in court.

“I have to get a new outfit … so I have to go work,” Mckelley said when asked if she’d continue.

“I don’t call it stealing, I call it professional boosting,” she added matter-of-factly.

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