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Video: Project Veritas Exposes Radical Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs With And Her Plan To Confiscate Citizens Guns


(Gateway Pundit) Project Veritas Action released new undercover footage of radical leftist Arizona gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs.  Campaign insiders reveal why they are keeping Hobbs from the debate stage.

Project Veritas Action press secretary RC Maxwell, a black man, later confronted Hobbs outside of a restaurant, scaring the hell out of her. She immediately packed her bag and stood up in such a hurry to run away that she spilled her drink all over the place like an unstable maniac.


Hobbs then tried to hide in the bathroom and later ran away from the Project Veritas Action reporter, struggling to get into her car.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Katie Hobbs’ proven record of racism and her two unanimous jury convictions for racial discrimination while serving as an Arizona State Legislator.

More recently, The Gateway Pundit reported on new photos which show that Katie Hobbs embraced slavery by participating in and leading her high school’s ‘slave day’ tradition, where students were led around by collar and chain to be sold off at auctions just like the Democratic slave trade of the 1800s.

Additionally, we reported that Katie Hobbs recently appeared at a Hispanic gubernatorial forum where she struggled and fumbled her words when asked to name one good thing about the Hispanic community in Arizona.

Did Hobbs spaz out because of Maxwell’s skin color? Who knows?

Trump-Endorsed Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake told The Gateway Pundit,

In prior undercover video tapes, Katie Hobbs and her campaign insiders are seen revealing why she will not debate Kari Lake at the Citizen’s Clean Elections Debate tomorrow.

Kari Lake told The Gateway Pundit during a press conference earlier today, “I have asked, as you know, the organizers of tomorrow night’s debate to keep the deadline open right up until the moment the debate starts. And I hope she’ll find the courage to show up.”

Lake continued, “The important thing to note is that the people of Arizona, the hard-working people of Arizona, are taking note, and they’re realizing that she won’t show up for the job interview.”

In the video below, weak Katie Hobbs is seen explaining how she lied to an Uber driver by claiming that she works for a campaign because she was too scared to talk about her failing campaign for Governor. “I don’t want to talk politics to anyone who I don’t know,” said Hobbs, a candidate for Governor.

Arizona needs an honest Governor on the Ninth Floor.

Her campaign consultants also hypocritically revealed Hobbs’ plans to violate our Second Amendment rights while touting their own guns. Further, they explained that Hobbs refuses to participate in tomorrow’s debate because “they just don’t think the debate is worth her time, either because it’s not going to change anyone’s mind or they think it might actively be bad for her in some way.”

Watch the full undercover exposé below.

Summary from Project Veritas Action:


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