Biden Doubles-Down, Says He Has No Regret Flooding The US With Illegal Immigrants, Ending Trump’s Border Controls

(Breitbart) President Joe Biden is doubling down on defending his record on the border, telling Time magazine that he does not regret ending border controls imposed by former President Donald Trump even as he has overseen record illegal immigration at the United States-Mexico border.

Since taking office, Biden has remade the nation’s borders through several executive orders, regulatory changes, and policy initiatives that undid Trump’s border controls. The result has been historic levels of illegal immigration never before seen in American history.

By the end of Fiscal Year 2024, for example, Biden is on track to have overseen more than 10 million migrant encounters at U.S. borders.

In an interview with Time, Biden was asked whether his actions as president have contributed to record illegal immigration to which he responded “No.” Biden was asked if he regretted any of the actions to which he said, “If I was wrong, it’s because I took too long.”

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