Bipartisan Group Of Lawmakers Demand Full Security Funding For Israeli With No Strings Attached


A bipartisan coalition of more than 300 lawmakers is pressing their colleagues on the House Appropriations Committee to guarantee that Israel receives $3.8 billion in U.S. security assistance to help it combat pressing threats from Iran and its terrorist proxy groups in the region—a call that comes as top Democratic lawmakers such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) advocate conditioning aid on the Jewish state relinquishing land to the Palestinians.

As negotiations over the sprawling 2022 federal budget begin, the lawmakers want to ensure that aid to Israel is not reduced. They also urge Appropriations Committee members to approve the aid without conditions that are favored by many left-leaning Democrats, including withholding aid if Israel does not agree to strict restraints on how it conducts anti-terrorism operations.

The Democratic Party’s progressive flank has long pushed for the United States to condition aid on Israel making a series of land concessions that it says endanger its security. Warren, for instance, became one of the most high-profile Democrats to back this approach when she came out earlier this week in support of “restricting military aid from being used in the occupied territories,” a term routinely applied by the anti-Israel community to refer to Israel’s presence in contested areas.

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