Deep State Democrats Leak Information Related To Trump Raid Days After Judge Scolds DOJ For Previous Leaks

The leaks are purposely designed to tarnish Donald Trump’s image

(U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida)

(DailyWire) Just days after a Florida judge scolded the feds about leaks in the wake of the FBI’s raid of former President Trump’s Florida home, anonymous sources have again spilled secrets damaging to Trump.

The latest leak from the August 8 raid of Mar-a-Lago claims that seized documents include classified material on a foreign government’s military defenses, as well as details on top-secret U.S. operations. The Washington Post cited “officials familiar with the criminal investigation” in the Tuesday report.


In a Monday ruling that a neutral third party, or “special master,” must go through material seized in the raid, U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon noted that the feds seem unable on their own to stop media leaks that hurt Trump.

“For the same reasons — chiefly, the risk that the Government’s filter review process will not adequately safeguard Plaintiff’s privileged and personal materials in terms of exposure to either the Investigative Team or the media — Plaintiff has sufficiently established irreparable injury,” Cannon wrote.


Cannon, whom Trump appointed to the federal bench in 2020, said the special master was necessary to ensure “the integrity of an orderly process amidst swirling allegations of bias and media leaks.”

In a footnote in her decision, Cannon said she had queried the DOJ about the leaks, which started immediately after the raid and included unsubstantiated claims Trump had nuclear secrets and a photo of documents spread out on the floor of Trump’s home.

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