FBI Appeals Judges Order Appointing ‘Special Master’ To Oversee Documents Taken In Mar-a-Lago Raid

Court Filing

(PJ Media) The Feds appealed a judge’s order naming a special master to cull through the hundreds of pages of documents, news clippings, and other items that they took from former President Donald Trump’s South Florida home.

On Monday, Federal Judge Aileen Cannon ordered a special master, which is usually a former judge or lawyer, to go through the documents taken from Trump’s office in the Aug. 8 raid. By Thursday, Department of Justice lawyers were back in court arguing that such a move would delay its latest election season investigation of the former president.


The DOJ and its gunned-up Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), “the Navy SEALS of the FBI” according to Donald Trump, Jr., ransacked the former president’s home in an audacious break with history and protocol. The raid presumed that the former President was not allowed to possess documents he had in his Southern White House office and SCIF at Mar-a-Lago in conflict with claims by the National Archives. The former president and his legal representative to the Archive, former federal prosecutor Kash Patel, say the president declassified the documents.

FBI Exhibit Photo of Documents Seized at Mar-a-LagoCourt Filing

The FBI carted off obviously privileged documents between Trump and his attorneys, the former president’s passports, and tax and health documents. The passports were returned, but the rest seem like the wish list of the New York Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. If the past is prologue, you can expect those documents to leak before the election.

Former President Trump said the FBI went through Melania Trump’s closet and their son Barron’s bedroom.

Both Trump and Patel believe that the FBI’s job during that nine-hour-long search was to find as many of the Crossfire Hurricane Russian “collusion” documents as it could find. The president declassified those documents along with others pertaining to the FBI’s white-glove investigation into Hillary Clinton’s destruction of emails, phones, and other communication devices Congress ordered her to preserve. She was never prosecuted.

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As Mike Davis of the Article III Project wrote on Twitter, the FBI waited months before raiding Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and only after Joe Biden canceled the former president’s “protective assertion of executive privilege” but now pouts that a special master will delay its investigation.


Constitutional attorney Harmeet Dhillon responded to the DOJ’s appeal saying there’s a virulent case of Trump Derangement Syndrome in certain Washington insiders who also suffer a secondary infection called “DOJ-itis.” It’s so bad that it has even affected former Attorney General Bill Barr, who saw first-hand how the DOJ, FBI, and intelligence community went after Trump in the Russia hoax.


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