Ex-Supreme Court Clerk Shreds DOJ, Reasons Behind Intelligence Czar’s Review Of Mar-a-Lago Documents

Source: AP Photo/Terry Renna

(TownHall) The circus over the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago on August 8 continues with this latest development: our intelligence czar told Congress her office would review the seized documents. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines announced yesterday that the records taken from the home of the former president would undergo a thorough classification process (via CBS News):


This raid has become an ever-degrading hurricane in the news cycle.

Federal agents ransacking the home of a former president over the fact that he wasn’t turning over documents to the National Archives fast enough is a historic moment. The obstruction of justice allegations is once again proven false. Trump’s lawyers worked with government officials to review and send records back. They sent 15 boxes to the agency in January. The allegations that nuclear secrets were strewn about the residence were also false. At least there’s no mention in the affidavit that provided probable cause for the raid.

Mark Davis, a former law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, has been active and informatory about classification, the presidency, and how the liberal media is focusing on things that don’t matter in this case. He’s continued to inform the public that the classification statutes and regulations do not apply to the presidency’s office, that government always over-classifies materials of any post-presidency, and that Trump taking the documents is a declassifying action. Trump already declassified documents relating to Crossfire Hurricane—the FBI spy operation against his campaign.


This storm is starting to dissipate as every new update either makes the Biden Justice Department flaunt its rogue and extrajudicial roots or drops nothing remarkable regarding any criminal intent that comes with Trump holding onto these documents. Until Trump’s team filed a motion for a special master to review the documents, something a judge seems intent on appointing, the most recent stories about what led up to the raid is a monotonous stream of emails between Trump lawyers and the National Archives. Liberal writers, like Matt Taibbi, noted how the media is reticent on anything regarding this raid. He likened it to an accidental missile launch.

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