Witch Hunt: DOJ Finally Admits Trump Was Right About Documents, Records Seized In Mar-a-Lago Raid

(Western Journal) What’s this? The Department of Justice said Donald Trump was correct?

The DOJ admitted that he had the rights to have some of the documents the FBI carted off from his home at Mar-a-Lago?


Don’t they know the risk the former president puts us all in with his possession, no doubt, of all the world’s nuclear launch codes, all U.S. state secrets going back to Thomas Jefferson, full military strategies of his friends the Russians, copies of Nancy Pelosi’s favorite ice cream orders and the secret formula to Coca Cola?

What are they thinking?

But wait! There may be hope for some bit of justice in the case of Donald J. Trump v. United States of America in federal court for the Southern District of Florida.

The DOJ on Monday told the court that some documents seized in the Mar-a-Lago raid were identified to “potentially contain attorney-client privileged information,” according to the DOJ filing.

The privilege of those documents was determined by a Privilege Review Team.

Recognition of attorney-client privilege when dealing with Trump?

I’m sure that’s news to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, harassed for being Trump’s lawyer.

Things are pretty bad when efforts are made to undercut the right to legal representation.

At least Monday it was halted a bit.

Yet, the spitefulness and illegal proceedings against Trump are amazing.

Imagine — impeaching him twice, undercutting his administration then raiding his homeafter he’s out of office.

And there’s the Washington Post claiming the FBI was looking for nuclear documents in the raid, with presidential historian Michael Beschloss quickly drawing a parallel to the 1953 execution of spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for given nuclear secrets to the Soviets.

That was followed by an oblique endorsement of Beschloss’ call for Trump’s execution by former CIA Director Michael Hayden: “Sounds about right,” he tweeted.


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