FYI: The Missing Part Of Biden’s Afghanistan Interview That ABC Left On The Cutting Room Floor

Credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images


ABC News’s “Good Morning America” appears to have not aired nearly a thousand words from Democrat President Joe Biden’s interview with host George Stephanopoulos, according to a review of a transcript published by the network and a review of the footage that it aired.

The interviews comes as the administration faces an absolute debacle in Afghanistan that was precipitated by Biden’s chaotic pullout from the nation. Biden has avoided answering questions from reporters during two brief sets of remarks that he gave to the media this week and he has spent a significant portion of time during this crisis on vacation in Delaware, where his administration refuses to disclose who he meets with.

A review comparing the transcript released by ABC News to video footage aired on live television on Thursday by ABC News on “Good Morning America” and to video footage published by the show on its YouTube channel show that a significant portion of Biden’s remarks, a little over 900 words on a variety of topics related to Afghanistan, were not aired.

Some of the remarks that were not aired are inconsequential to the interview, like when Biden thanks Stephanopoulos for the interview. ABC News could have withheld parts of the footage due to time constraints, however, many of the instances in which Biden’s remarks were not aired appear to be negative moments where he struggled.

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