Video” Biden’s Response To Afghans Falling From Airplane – ‘That Was Four Or Five Days Ago’

Credit: Reuters / Evelyn Hockstein / Twitter
US President Joe Biden defended his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, telling ABC News that it couldn’t have gone any other way and vowing to keep troops in Kabul until all Americans who want to leave can do so.

Biden was in Camp David over the weekend when the US-backed Afghan government collapsed and the Taliban took over. He returned to Washington on Monday to give a speech, after harrowing videos of Afghans mobbing US transport planes and reportedly falling to their deaths began making rounds. He took no questions from the press, however.

“That was four days ago, five days ago!” Biden told George Stephanopoulos – a former adviser to President Bill Clinton, now anchor at ABC – in an interview recorded Wednesday and scheduled to air Thursday morning.

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