Latest Poll Shows Trump To Be A Virtual Lock For 2024 Presidential Nomination

Credit: Big League Politics


Polling commissioned by Reuters shows former President Donald Trump with a majority of support from likely 2024 GOP primary voters, a political position that shows Trump all but assured to gain the party’s nomination.

The Reuters poll, released Wednesday, shows Trump with a 54% majority of support. Florida governor Ron DeSantis is the closest competitor, gaining a distant 11% support. Ex-Vice President Mike Pence follows in third with 8% support.


The poll also shows Biden with a split job performance approval and disapproval of 48% each, a figure far more amenable to the establishment Democrat than other polling on presidential job approval. Americans across party lines strongly dissaprove of Biden’s weak job performance on the economy and immigration. The poll’s sample skewed slightly towards Democrats- with members of the liberal party identifying as 45% of poll respondents, slightly higher than the national share of Democrat voters.

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