Senate GOP Assails Biden Infrastructure Plan, Warns That It’s A Job Killer That Will Crush Americans

Biden and his team, meanwhile, have performed rhetorical gymnastics to make almost everything in the package sound infrastructure-ish



Senate Republicans are warning that President Biden’s proposed $2.7 trillion infrastructure plan will undermine jobs and ultimately crush taxpayers – the very opposite of what the bill proposes to accomplish.

In a memo first obtained by Fox News, senate members chastised the president’s infrastructure plan – or “job-crushing slush fund,” as they called it – for spending “just 5% of the $2.7 trillion on roads and bridges.”

They called the rest of the bill a “wish list of non-infrastructure spending” on failed Obama-era policy proposals and Democratic pet projects with no “accountability or transparency.”

They said the rest of the bill contains “a dog’s breakfast of slush funds,” “expensive green energy mandates on Americans,” “a ban on the right to work,” and a “flurry of tax hikes that will drive companies out of the U.S.,” thus supposedly giving China and Russia a say in the United States’ tax laws.

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