James P. Pinkerton: The Media Has Begun To Change Subject Matter In Order To Protect Joe Biden From Afghanistan Scrutiny

Credit: Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images


Remember Afghanistan? The Main Stream Media doesn’t want you to because it could hurt Joe Biden. So it’s doing its best to change the subject.

Oh sure, the MSM pounded on the president for a couple weeks. The collapse of Afghanistan was, after all, an epic humiliation for the Biden administration and a stain on the United States. In fact, the debacle was so bad that all the armchair warriors at CNN, the Washington Post, and other MSM outlets were able to play military expert again, and they got Biden good.

Indeed, maybe just this once, let’s agree with the MSM: The withdrawal was a fiasco and a tragic one at that.  

And yet now, after its blitz of criticism, the MSM looks up and realizes that Biden’s approval rating has fallen ten points. His approval is now in the mid 40s, lower than his disapproval rating. And presidents with underwater approval ratings tend not to get re-elected.  

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