FBI Alerts Businesses Of ‘Hive,’ A Dangerous New Ransomware Threat

First seen in June 2021, Hive poses ‘significant challenges’ for organizations to combat

Credit: Fox Business


Hive ransomware is a new emerging threat to organizations, the FBI said in a warning to cyber security professionals.

First seen in June of this year, Hive presents “significant challenges” due to its use of a variety of tactics, techniques and procedures, or so-called TTPs, the FBI said in the advisory.

After gaining access to a victim network, Hive leaves a ransom note in an affected system’s directories with instructions on how to purchase software to unlock the files, the FBI said. The note also threatens to leak the victim’s stolen data. On occasion, victims have reported getting phone calls requesting payment.

Phishing email with malicious attachments is a common Hive tactic to gain access to a network, according to the advisory.

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