Michael McCaffrey: Holding The Oscars In A Train Station Made Perfect Sense, Show Was A Complete Train Wreck


As evidenced by this most recent disastrously dull and incoherent ceremony, the annual Academy Awards are on the fast track to irrelevance.

My biggest question regarding 2021’s egregiously bungled and boring Oscar telecast is…if an awards show collapses but no one is watching, does it make a sound?

Interest in the Oscars has been in steep decline for years now, and after suffering through the entire three hour and twenty-minute show last night I can dutifully report that the 93rd Academy Awards came in with a whimper and left with a whimper, too.

The night’s climactic moment was a dud as the show ran long, as usual, and then rushed to announce Best Actor, which everyone thought would be an emotional moment as it was expected to go to the late Chadwick Boseman. The award instead went to Anthony Hopkins. Uh-oh.

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