No Surprise, Democrats Continue To Get Even More ‘Racist’

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(Townhall) You can tell what Democrats don’t want to talk about by what they blame on racism or some other irrelevant factor.

When they don’t like a story, or can’t spin it to their advantage, they cry some kind of “ism” or “phobia,” and the granddaddy of all of it is racism. When the agenda isn’t helped by reality, Democrats simply declare a new reality. Matthew Shepard was a gay guy killed by someone who was reportedly a former lover over money and a drug deal gone bad, but he was somehow turned into a martyr for gay rights because his murder was so horrific it attracted national attention and the truth wasn’t useful to the left so it was declared homophobic. When reality isn’t helpful, insistently deny it and push forward. It’s how Democrats work.


The death of Tyre Nichols is another such event. Five black cops beat a black man who ultimately dies…and it’s about white supremacy somehow. The Governor of Florida bans racism and victimhood being drilled into the heads of students in the state and he’s one of the worst monsters history has ever produced. It’s all lies, but the truth does not serve Democrats.

When Ron DeSantis banned the AP African American Studies class you would’ve thought he was standing in the schoolhouse door. But he’s not a Democrat.

The View, always on the leading edge of stupid and one of the most destructive forces in all of American culture, talked about this because DeSantis is all Democrats seem to talk about these days. Whoopi Goldberg, who you’d think would have learned something throughout her life (if only by accident), demonstrated a level of ignorance you almost have to fight to achieve.

“I don’t understand why he (DeSantis) believes that — he wants people to see the history of Western Civilization and history and philosophy of Western Civilization,” Goldberg said. “Because he wants it seen through that lens. Why is your lens better than my lens?  You know. So, you’re basically saying, like, to people like Marian Croak you’re not going to teach about her. Her history is American history. What doesn’t he get? We’re not going anywhere. Just because you stop teaching it in those colleges, you think people are going to stop telling these stories.”

Of course, there’s a difference between “black history” and “black studies,” but Whoopi seems too stupid to know the difference.

Putting that reality aside, let us just look at what she’s putting forward there.

I’ll confess, I had no idea who Marian Croak was, and I bet you didn’t either. I looked her up. Here’s the first paragraph of her Wikipedia page. “Marian Rogers Croak is a Vice President of Engineering at Google. She was previously the Senior Vice President of Research and Development at AT&T. She holds more than 200 patents. She was inducted into the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame in 2013. In 2022, Croak was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for her patent regarding VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Technology. She is one of the first two Black women to receive that honor, along with Patricia Bath. Her invention allows users to make calls over the internet instead of a phone line. Today, the widespread use of VoIP technology is vital for remote work and conferencing.”

Nothing against Ms. Croak, but is that really something Whoopi believes needs to be taught in schools – she had a hand in helping make VoIP possible? Honestly, who cares?

Not to belittle what Croak did (she’s invented more than I have), but what do you eliminate from teaching history or math to hammer in this tidbit? And honestly, other than that paragraph, what else do you need to teach about her? Alexander Graham Bell actually invented the telephone (along with a whole lot more) and might get a sentence in a public school history book, maybe.

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