Florida Governor DeSantis Slams Vaccines Passports, Says It’s Allows For Discrimination and Creates A ‘Two-Tiered Society’



Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis denounced “vaccine” passports as a means of discrimination and creating a “two-tiered society” during a press conference at the Broward Health Medical Center.

“How big of a failure have vaccine passports been?” said DeSantis, pointing out that vaccine passports haven’t succeeded in achieving their professed goals where they’ve been implemented, in part due to the inability of vaccines to prevent transmission, admitted by the CDC and individuals such as Bill Gates.

“All it served to do was discriminate against people based on an individual choice, [and] create a two-tiered society,” he went on.

Despite this failure, he noted, some entities are moving to require “booster” COVID shots, including, thus far, the governments of New York City, California, and Washington, D.C. for certain employees, as are a slew of universities and businesses across the United States.

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