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Portland Oregon: What Once Was A Beautiful City Is Now A Corrupt, Crime Infested, Drug Infested, Liberal S**thole

Elected politicians and liberals who voted them don’t seem to care

AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus


Portland use to be one of my favorite towns to visit. It had fun bars and groovy thrift stores. Now it looks like Detroit on a bender.

The difference between my hometown, the Motor City, and Portland is that Portland’s death was intentional. Whereas Detroit was murdered by a perfect storm of crotch-kicks from the auto industry and a racist, corrupt mayor, Portland was killed by its own citizens and the Democratic Party.


I should have seen what the future of Portland would look like. The last time I was there was in 2010. Everything seemed fine except for the huge homeless population. Note to self: when you have hundreds of drugged-out homeless people living wherever they want in a town, death is nigh.

As I was walking through a park to get to a comedy club I suddenly realized I was hip-deep in homeless people (situational awareness was not a strength of mine). It looked like I was walking through the set of The Walking Dead.

Judging by the “aroma,” I assumed I was treading through their lavatory.

There were dozens of starry-eyed, semi-naked people milling about. Many were doing a dance I call the “Weeble Wobble.” They just sort of stand in one spot and sway but somehow manage to stay on their feet.

Then came the commies. George Floyd died in Minnesota, but BLM and Antifa decided to burn the entire nation. Portland would have riots every night for over 100 days.

By August 25, 2020, roughly three months after the riots began, a bunch of companies had already moved out of Portland. The first quarter of 2021 saw a 19.4% vacancy rate in Portland’s central business district.

By October 2020, 20 businesses had closed permanently and 170 had closed “temporarily” or were only doing business online.

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