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The Next Pandemic? WHO And Liberal Media Push Warnings About Spread Of Bird Flu To Humans

End Of The American Dream

(End Of The American Dream) Why are global authorities suddenly so concerned that the bird flu might start spreading widely among humans?  And why is the mainstream media suddenly filled with extremely alarming stories about the disease?

Just a few days ago, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the World Health Organization, made headlines all over the globe when he ominously warned that “we must prepare” for the possibility of a bird flu pandemic among humans.  Why is he issuing such a warning now?  Does he know something that the rest of us do not?  If such a pandemic were to erupt, the consequences could potentially be catastrophic.


The COVID pandemic paralyzed the planet for a couple of years even though the death rate was very low.  Well, the death rate for bird flu in humans can be around 50 percent depending on the strain, and so just imagine the panic that would ensue if it were to start spreading widely.

Since early last year, the bird flu has resulted in the deaths of more than 58 million birds here in the United States, but as long as the disease stayed in birds scientists weren’t going to be too alarmed.

Unfortunately, H5N1 has now started to spread among mammals.

Lots of them.

In fact, dozens of mammals have already caught the disease in the United States alone


And more cases in mammals in the U.S. continue to pop up.  In fact, on Friday it was being reported that a black bear and a mountain lion in Colorado both tested positive


Of course H5N1 is not just spreading among mammals here in the United States.

Over in the UK, “nine otters and foxes” have tested positive…

Over in Scotland, four dead seals were found to have H5N1, and across the Atlantic in Peru a whopping 500 sea lions “were found dead with H5N1”

If you have been alarmed by what I have shared with you so far, this next item should really get to you.

In Spain, over 50,000 minks had to be wiped out because H5N1 was rapidly spreading among them


So why are those minks so important?

Well, it turns out that minks have “a respiratory system very similar to humans”



It appears that we are dangerously close to a strain of H5N1 that will be able to spread quite easily among humans.

And if such a strain does get loose, the death toll could potentially be catastrophic


If you thought that the restrictions and the mandates under COVID were bad, just imagine what a global H5N1 pandemic would look like.

People would be dropping like flies and we would see tyranny on a scale that most of us don’t even want to imagine right now.

According to WebMD, a new H5N1 vaccine will soon be tested on poultry here in the United States






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