The White House Obviously Knows Kamala Harris Is Useless, Here’s Why

VP Kamala Harris departs for Singapore and Vietnam while American credibility melts down - Credit: PJ Media


Would you like to hear some good news? How about this: The Biden White House has put Kamala Harris in charge of getting their partisan federal election takeover bill passed through the Senate.

That effort is doomed to fail. Even before Biden’s withdrawal put Afghanistan in terrorist hands, his domestic agenda wasn’t going swimmingly well. He’d pushed a raft of executive orders through, harming U.S. energy production and destroying security at the U.S. border with Mexico, and then he put his name to some partisan bills that have little to no support outside Democrat strongholds. One of those bills is their federal election takeover bill, which Biden falsely described as a “voting rights” bill when he was filibustering his own Afghanistan remarks Wednesday. Those remarks, by the way, were delivered several hours late without any explanation. The evidence of any effective leadership in this administration diminishes by the hour.

Harris is in charge of that bill in the Senate. It’s going to fail unless close to a dozen Republicans suddenly decide they never want their party to win another presidential election. That seems…unlikely. Whoever put her in charge of that seems content to see her rack up another loss.

Harris is also in charge of the border, but hasn’t even bothered to show up for that job. It’s getting worse. It’s a security crisis and COVID super-spreader. She seems blithely unconcerned.

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