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Video: The Woke Trio Of Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures And Marvel Studios Sneaks “Protect Trans Kids” Flag And BLM Badge Into New Spider-Man Trailer

How long before it’s changed to ‘Spider-them’?

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(Summit News) Creators of upcoming feature film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse have snuck in a transgender flag emblazoned with the words “Protect trans kids.”

The message appears for a split second, almost invisible in the background.



LGBTQ+ news outlet Pink News reported that “Fans were were quick to spot the trans-inclusive Easter egg and applaud the film for its subtle nod to queer youth.”

The animated Spider-Verse films are a joint production between Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures, with Marvel Entertainment. It seems those corporations couldn’t resist getting on board with THE MESSAGE.

In another scene a character is seen sporting a BLM badge:

The internet responded with a reality check:

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