Preview: Nintendo’s New OLED Switch, Finally Something To Look Forward To

A new screen is more than just a small upgrade for the popular handheld console

Credit: Sam Rutherford


The Nintendo Switch has never been the most cutting-edge console on the market. But after seeing the impact of what a handful of calculated upgrades has done for the new OLED Switch, it feels like Nintendo has finally created the hybrid console I wanted from the start.

The new OLED Switch is priced at $350, $50 more than the baseline model, and for that dough, you get the following features (ranked by what I think are the most important additions first):

  • Larger 7-inch OLED display (up from 6.2 inches)
  • Improved stereo speakers
  • Double the base storage (64GB, up from 32GB)
  • New dock with a built-in Ethernet port
  • Redesigned kickstand
  • Fresh black-and-white color scheme

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