Elon Musk Tells Twitter Users They Are Being ‘Manipulated’ By Algorithm, Needs Fixing

Former CEO Jack Dorsey responded to Musk’s comment



Billionaire Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has seriously spooked the corrupt establishment which has good reason to fear that he will bring an end to their rigged game on the social media platform by ending censorship and perhaps more importantly, revealing the secrets behind the tech giant’s algorithm.

On Saturday, the Tesla/SpaceX CEO divulged to his 93.2 million followers that they were being “manipulated” by the algorithm in his latest missive, another sign that if the deal goes through, that he will bring much needed transparency to Twitter, something that his adversaries are determined to prevent at all costs.


In his message that began with “Very important to fix your Twitter feed” because “You are being manipulated by the algorithm in ways you don’t realize,” Musk listed three steps that users can take to see the workings of the mysterious algorithm, drawing a response from former CEO Jack Dorsey.

In another tweet, Musk added a twist with a humorous take.

Dorsey quickly chimed in.

“it was designed simply to save you time when you are away from app for a while,” he wrote, “pull to refresh goes back to reverse chron as well.”

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