FYI: How To Add iPhone’s New Digital Drivers License Feature In iOS 15

With iOS 15, Apple Wallet will start carrying driver’s licenses, bringing Apple closer to its grand vision of replacing the physical wallet entirely with a digital one

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In Apple’s vision of the future, you and I would leave our homes without physical wallets. Instead we’d walk out the front door carrying only the virtual wallets stored on our iPhones. We wouldn’t bring keys, either.

This week, Apple took big steps towards making that happen, announcing at WWDC on Monday that it’ll let your iPhone hold digital versions of your house keys, hotel room keys, workplace IDs, and *cue drumroll*: your driver’s license or other forms of government identification. All these changes are expected to come with iOS 15, which is expected to roll out sometime in the fall. (Here’s how to download the developer beta version now.)

The digital driver’s license and other ID card isn’t a new idea. Google and chipmaker Qualcomm announced their project to store a digital driver’s license in Android phones way back in 2019 — but it appears that iPhones will begin using the new feature first. Security and privacy issues are the biggest road blocks, and areas of highest concern. Apple says it secures your IDs with the same technology and encryption backing your credit cards in Apple Pay.

Once you set up your driver’s license and other ID cards in the iPhone, you’ll be able to present your identification on your iPhone or Apple Watch at airport security (yes, it’ll be supported by the TSA on a state-by-state basis) and any other business that accepts the new technology as proof of ID.

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