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Video: Biden’s Dementia Kicks In, Asks Where Dead Congresswoman Is And Then Says ‘I Didn’t Think She Was Gonna Be Here’

And people wonder why our country is such a mess

[Screenshot Twitter Greg Price]

(Daily Caller) President Joe Biden appeared to call for Republican Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski to stand up for acknowledgement on Wednesday, seemingly forgetting that Walroski was tragically killed in a car crash in early August.

Biden made the remark while speaking at a White House conference on hunger, nutrition and health.

“Biden, thanking bipartisan lawmakers for making the conference happen, appears to reference the late Rep. Jackie Walorski without realizing she passed away in August,” Politico reporter Meredith Lee Hill tweeted.

Walorksi was killed in a car accident in early August along with two of her staffers. The trio were traveling in an SUV near Nappanee, Indiana, when they collided with another vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle also died.

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