Skincare Tips: Experts Rate The Ones That Have Gone ‘Viral’ On TikTok

We’ve consulted a panel of skincare experts to rate and debate the latest trending skin-hacks, fresh off the SkinTok conveyor belt

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Dolphin skin, CeraVe, using socks to curl your hair… TikTok has both the best and worst of all the beauty hacks the internet has to offer. And with almost 700 million users, there’s a lot of information circulating, some of which might be more reliable than others. So, in the name of safe and happy skin, we consulted a panel of experts from across the industry to give their professional two cents on whether SkinTok’s latest viral skincare trends are facts or frauds.

The hack: Hydrocolloid plasters on acne

Explained: TikToker’s have been using over-the-counter medical hydrocolloid bandages to combat acne, which are traditionally used in medicine as wound-covers. Essentially, they’re great at drawing out any puss, creating a protective layer over the skin, flattening spots faster and reducing redness. The alleged perks? Speeding up the healing process and preventing long-term scarring.

The facts:Hydrocolloids have been around for centuries and are backed by innumerable clinical trials. They essentially create a protective seal over the affected area while absorbing excess fluid. We love hydrocolloids at ZitSticka, which is why we actually have two hydrocolloid-based products, one of which we launched last week! GOO GETTER and FACE MAP, however, are not your average hydrocolloid patches you see in this TikTok trend. Both products actually contain acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid, niacinamide, tea tree and vitamin C.

We recommend using GOO GETTER for individual zits and FACE MAP for those larger clusters of zits and oily skin. While the hydrocolloid plasters shouldn’t do any harm, they’re not tailored to specific skincare concerns and they may cause your skin to react or become irritable.” Daniel Kaplan, Co-Founder of ZitSticka

The verdict: Hydrocolloids do in fact work, but make sure you’re using patches specifically designed for skincare.

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