Ulta Beauty Releases Report, Predicts Top 2022 Trends

The report, which outlines the retailer’s anticipated trends for 2022, highlights important social causes and beauty as expression



Ulta Beauty has released its first trend report.

Called “Uncover,” the report focuses on three umbrellas of emerging and existing trends to watch for in 2022: natural beauty, beauty as self-expression, and the growing importance of purpose for beauty brands.

The report is an amalgamation of various data points the retailer researches and collects. “A huge part of what we do is identifying trends to look for innovation, looking for new brands.

This is a lot of our own proprietary research,” said Monica Arnaudo, chief merchandising officer, Ulta Beauty. “We do a lot of research, we have teams that do social listening,” she continued, as well as the retailer’s search data.

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